Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hey all just trying something out...........i had to post a link from my blog to chantilly roses blog and visa versa...........hopefully i can get this working............
chantilly rose is giving away some candy on her blog:
check her out

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  1. If your having trouble getting used to blogging and trying to post links maybe try youtube as I have learnt a tonne of stuff from watching video's on there. Also when you are typing your new post for your blog there is a little green box that looks like to chains linking at the top where you can also change font colour etc. Anyway type your normal blog post and then if you want to provide a link to someones page that you have mentioned in your post just highlight the word and then click the green link looking button at the top. It will open a little box and give you a chance to enter a web address or paste a web address into the box, then just click ok. That should provide you with a link.

    I hope this helps as I know I had to learn everything on here myself and it can be frustrating.