Monday, February 8, 2010

zettibetti's tag swap...

hi to my five ladies with whom i am in this months swap know who you
if you contact me on my email which is and leave your address details i shall email you back with mine... dont forget to let me know it is in regards to tag swap or i mite not open it or it will go in my junk mail........ i'm sooo looking forward to hear from you all and seeing your great creations

heidi aka MsGetinspired


  1. Hi Heidi
    Just to let you know I accidentally changed my blog and I don't think my old followers can access it. New blog is

    Louise (previously known as zettibetti)!! xx

  2. Hi Heidi. Just got tag and it's so sweet. Thank you! Hope you liked mine. :D x

  3. Hi Heidi, Just letting you I am still waiting for my tag, and so are the rest of the group... It has been a year or two now.